A novel analysis of utility in privacy pipelines, using Kronecker products and quantitative information flow


We combine Kronecker products, and quantitative information flow, to give a novel formal analysis for the fine-grained verification of utility in complex privacy pipelines. The combination explains a surprising anomaly in the behaviour of utility of privacy-preserving pipelines - that sometimes a reduction in privacy results also in a decrease in utility. We use the standard measure of utility for Bayesian analysis, introduced by Ghosh at al., to produce tractable and rigorous proofs of the fine-grained statistical behaviour leading to the anomaly. More generally, we offer the prospect of formal-analysis tools for utility that complement extant formal analyses of privacy. We demonstrate our results on a number of common privacy-preserving designs.

Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy (TPDP) 2023
Gabriel H. Nunes
Gabriel H. Nunes
Doutorando em Ciência da Computação

Físico e Cientista da Computação